Tips To Choose Waterproof Bag

Lately waterproof bags are increasingly becoming mandatory items for people who are active outdoors. That also makes this bag form its own market segment and become a new prima donna. Of course it interesting for people who need to provide extra protection for their stuff. For example a traveler, community of nature lovers, sportsmen, or field workers who always carry electronic items that are very vulnerable to water. You can also find monogrammed beach bags by visiting our website.

Today, there are many who offer bags with waterproof capability. As a consumer, of course, this is quite confusing. No need to worry, because there are some tips on how to choose the right waterproof bag to suit your needs.

– Check the material specifications
At present, the most common waterproof bag is made from a material called 500D PVC Tarpaulin. Soft material with a variety of color choices is proven to provide protection in accordance with its name, waterproof material. But there is also an ultralight material, which is thin and light but has a waterproof function too. At first glance, the material is similar to a parachute, but on the inside, there is a layer that prevents water from entering. The strength of this ultralight material is below the PVC 500D.

– Check the connection of bag parts
The type and model of waterproof bags are very diverse now, but the most common is the Sling Bag & Backpack model. For the sling bag model, the entire material is connected by the High-Temperature Sealing method, so that each material blends without seams. This makes water have no gap to get into the bag. Even if it turns out that something was sewn before being pressed into one unit, make sure the stitches are coated with water repellent. So, the water will still not be possible to get in the bag.

– Check product warranty
Not all manufacturers of waterproof bags provide guarantees. A guarantee is important, it proves that the bag is truly high quality. Also, check whether the warranty will replace it to a new product or only repair them. As a precaution, you should save the purchase receipt for warranty claims.